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For over 20 years, Psychologist Anita Bonollo and the psychology team have had remarkable success treating a range of psychological conditions using her 10-day Counselling and Hypnotherapy Program. The program has helped a wide range of clients who come to see Anita and the psychology team wanting to make a positive change in their lives. These clients have been motivated to seek out clinical hypnotherapy for an alternative approach when traditional psychological interventions are not as effective for them in achieving the outcomes they want.

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    The clinical hypnotherapy program can be used to treat a wide range of presenting issues including:

    • Anxiety or Panic Attacks
    • Depression or Postnatal depression
    • Marriage, Couple or Relationship Issues
    • Alcohol or Drug Addiction
    • Cigarette or Smoking Addiction
    • Fears: Flying, Spiders, Needles, Heights, Public Speaking
    • Low self-confidence or Low self-esteem
    • Lack of motivation
    • Sleeping problems
    • Weight loss
    • Gambling Addiction
    • Alopecia (“hair falling out”)
    • Tinnitus (“ringing in the ears”)
    • Pain Management
    • Midlife crisis
    • Shopping addiction, Impulse buying or impulsive behaviours
    • Obsessive or Compulsive behaviours (OCD)
    • University or VCE Exam nerves, stress or anxiety
    • Other Conditions

    The clinical hypnotherapy program can be used to treat many of the presenting issues and psychological conditions as listed above – particularly when these problem conditions or behaviours are involuntary or are a long-standing issue.

    Clinical hypnotherapy is a method of utilising hypnosis techniques to reach into the subconscious mind to change deep-seated thoughts and behaviours. It is all about reaching the brain and putting it into a positive state.

    Because hypnosis allows for direct communication with the subconscious mind, we can alter and change our habits through hypnotherapy. By changing our habits, we can make a positive change in how we respond to the everyday things we encounter all the time.

    Hypnosis can go to the original cause of our problems, stored deep in our memories which the conscious mind usually can’t access. By accessing these deep-seated memories, we can change how we respond to them, effectively eliminating the cause of our problems.

    • 10 sessions – one hour per day over 10 days comprising of intensive counselling and hypnosis.
    • Counselling is used to address the conscious behaviours and awareness of how a person is feeling and behaving.
    • Hypnosis is used to change the deep-seated behaviours and experiences which cause us to experience repetitive and involuntary behaviours.
    • The 10-day program is designed to replace negative behaviours with positive behaviours, so that the client can achieve their goals – from quitting smoking to improved happiness.
    • Hypnosis is always stronger with repetition. The 10-day program reinforces the motivation to achieve your goals.
    • The 10-day clinical hypnotherapy program is designed to prevent relapse during situations where the mind is affected by the daily stresses that life can bring. Post-hypnotic techniques support the client in being able to have stronger coping mechanisms and improved decision-making over the long-term.

    Anita is a registered psychologist with over 20 years of experience in psychological counselling and clinical hypnotherapy. Anita is skilled in using solution-focussed psychological counselling and hypnosis, focussed psychological strategies, and other approaches. Anita is a highly skilled hypnotherapist. Clinical hypnotherapy can be a very effective treatment for involuntary and compulsive behaviours.

    Anita’s approach focuses on changing deep-seated patterns of behaviour.

    Anita works with clients of all ages and diverse backgrounds. She has extensive experience counselling clients experiencing anxiety, stress, panic attacks, or depression; coping with pain, post-trauma, OCD, or workplace issues; managing weight loss; couples therapy and sports psychology.

    Anita has specialist knowledge and has in-depth experience working with clients experiencing drug and alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, gambling and other addictions.

    She helps clients with building assertiveness, confidence, self-esteem and better communications.

    Anita holds a psychology degree from Latrobe University and has diplomas in solution-focussed counselling, hypnosis and psychotherapy.

    Anita is passionate about improving people’s lives and helping them to achieve their goals.