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    Our psychologists are equipped with methods, strategies and techniques that are not only research and evidence-based but are also based on years of experience of helping people from all walks of life.

    When you come to People Psychology, we tailor our methods to best suit your circumstances as well as your short-term and long-term goals.

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    Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable space for you to share and explore your concerns with our psychologists. We strive to make sure our office is easily accessible to clients and those interested in taking advantage of our services. We know that the decision to seek help is already a huge step, so we try to make sure the rest of the steps that involve forms and travel aren’t as difficult. This our clients focus on their treatment and their therapy.

    People Psychology services ensure that people all around Double Bay can access mental health services. Our Double Bay psychologist services can help you begin the journey to mental well-being. Our mission is to provide judgement and stigma-free support that will help you improve your mental health and well-being

    People Psychology provides online therapy, to make sure that those seeking a Double Bay psychologist can have access to mental health services no matter their schedule or location. Online psychologists provide telehealth appointments and online counselling to those around Double Bay & Australia-wide, covering a range of mental health topics.

    Our Double Bay Psychologists offer mental health services on the following topics.

    Career Counselling

    Careers are an important part of life; this is why many people seek career help and advice throughout their life. With so many career options out there, it can be hard to choose a path or know which steps to take to advance your career. Our Double Bay psychologist can help you define your skills and help you find a career that makes you happy.

    Family Counselling

    Our family therapy services are provided by a professional family counsellor who can help families who are dealing with any range of issues. Family counselling and family therapy can be important tools to build a happy and healthy family dynamic. Many things can disrupt a family from being as happy as possible. A professional Double Bay psychologist can help your family build strong relationships through problem resolution, communication and healthy coping skills.

    Anger management

    While anger is a normal emotional reaction, sometimes managing anger can be difficult or feel impossible. Frequent outbursts of anger can begin to hinder your relationships, work and happiness. Professional anger management services can help you develop the skills in managing your anger and frustration. People Psychology’s Double Bay Psychologist can help you on your way to experiencing and managing anger in a healthy manner.

    People Psychology offers other services that include:

    • Hypnotherapy Program
    • Grief counselling
    • Marriage counselling
    • Social anxiety
    • OCD Counselling
    • Depression counselling

    People Psychology team aim to provide compassionate and quality psychology service to people around Double Bay & Australia-wide telehealth. If you are looking for a Double Bay psychologist, People Psychology services areas around NSW such as Double Bay & Australia-wide online. Sydney-Siders have busy lives and packed schedules; this is why you can book an appointment outside of the normal 9-5 hours. So, you can access mental health services provided by experienced Double Bay psychologists no matter your schedule. If you are experienced prolonged distress in your family, uncertainty about your career, or outburst of anger and frustration, you should seek professional mental health support. The People Psychology’s team of experienced psychologists are ready to help you manage and overcome a range of mental health concerns.

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    You can book an appointment at People Psychology today by visiting our website, or calling a member of our friendly team. We provide an extensive range of support and service areas across Double Bay, Sydney, Melbourne & Australia-wide. You can also learn more about how we help and find out more about  our team of psychologists here on our website.