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What People Psychology aims to do is help those who are struggling with their balance of emotions, providing the tools to regulate negative emotions and allow ourselves to be open to seeing the opportunity for, and engage in, joyful emotions.

People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD offers a multi-modal treatment plan, which includes counselling to address depression.

If that’s the kind of approach that appeals to you, book a time to see one of our  psychologists who will help you in your journey to seek a better-balanced mix of emotions.

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    Our psychologists are equipped with methods, strategies and techniques that are not only research and evidence-based but are also based on years of experience of helping people from all walks of life.

    When you come to People Psychology, we tailor our methods to best suit your circumstances as well as your short-term and long-term goals.

    Live For A Happier Future

    When you’re sad, sometimes all it takes is a quick pick me up or a diversion to make you happy. And so, it’s an opportune time to get together with people who love you and who are always there to cheer you up. It can be an excuse to indulge yourself. However, if you still feel sad even after doing what you used to love, then it could be a sign of depression.

    People who are sad and who can’t get over it can feel paralysed. They are unable to move forward and remain stuck in their depression. As a result, you might experience any of these symptoms.

    • You might have one of these sleep problems like insomnia or difficulty sleeping, you fall asleep at once, but you always wake up in the early morning, you experience hypersomnia or over-sleeping.
    • Your appetite changes – you might become a binge eater, or you overeat, or you lose your appetite altogether.
    • You feel sluggish all the time even after a good rest.
    • You lose interest in activities that previously brought you pleasure.
    • You avoid friends and family.

    If you or someone you love is experiencing any or all of these symptoms for over two weeks, then it might be ideal to seek professional help. The trained team of Psychologists at People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD are ready and able to assist you or someone you love overcome depression. We can help you regain a highly functional life like you used to have before.

    The struggle to get over depression is real. In fact, many are unable to recover from it. As a result, they fall deeper into their despair and lose hope. When this happens, some may turn to substance abuse to cope with the problem. However, this path can cause more significant issues.

    Remember, when left unchecked, your depression can affect your relationships and cause you more considerable stress at work. It will affect your finances and lifestyle and can even be life threatening. People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD offers a multi-modal treatment plan to address depression. Each program is designed to the specific problems of a client. Here’s how we can help you through your depression.

    • Identify the causes of your depression and provide you with the appropriate strategies to cope with each one.
    • Offer a caring, supportive environment where you feel safe and confident to share your problems.
    • Build your resilience through a strengths-based approach.
    • Engage with you so don’t feel isolated by your depression
    • Give you strategies to improve your thoughts. Remember a cynical point of view can feed your depression and cause you to fall deeper into it.

    Depression can immobilize you. Break free of your unending sadness and seek help as soon as possible. The trained Psychologists at People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD are ready to assist you. Aside from our training and implementation of proven therapies, our healthcare professionals can also make you feel comfortable, safe and supported. You feel more encouraged to share your concerns which is helpful in formulating a customized treatment plan for you.

    Contact People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD today to learn more about our multi-modal treatment plan. Saturday appointments are also accommodated. Let us help you fight back against depression. Call Now!

    Depression Counselling: Feeling sad or low is normal from time to time. Life can be hard when you face a breakup, a job loss, or a death of a loved one. But if those feelings don’t go away, even when things get better, you might have clinical depression. Doctors also call it “Major Depressive Disorder”.

    Clinical depression is very common and serious. It affects one in four women and one in six men in their lifetime. It can ruin your family, social and work life and your health. You shouldn’t ignore it, but many people do. They don’t realize they are depressed for a long time.

    Some people take Anti-Depression Medications (ADMs) to cope with depression. But research shows that they tend to mask the symptoms, not cure them. They can also have dangerous side-effects and increase the risk of relapse.

    People Psychology’s Melbourne, Brighton, Toorak, Double Bay NSW and Australia-Wide Telehealth team of psychologists use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and other proven psychotherapies to treat depression effectively. This approach works by helping you change your thoughts and behaviours.

    Our practice also uses evidence-based systems that improve the outcomes. Your psychologist will check your progress regularly. We are committed to making psychology work for you. Our clients are very satisfied with our services.

    Some of the symptoms of depression are:

    • Feeling low or hopeless
    • Losing interest or pleasure in things
    • Being very tired or having no energy
    • Eating too little or too much
    • Having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
    • Having no sexual desire
    • Having difficulty concentrating or remembering
    • Having physical pains or aches

    There is no clear cause for depression. It can be a mix of biological, psychological and social factors that affect people differently. Some people are more prone to it than others, because of their personality, coping style, childhood trauma, family history, or hormonal or biological issues.

    Here are some tips to help you deal with depression:

    • Do things that make you happy and enjoy them
    • Notice small positive things that happen or goals that you achieve
    • Make a list of things that you like or appreciate
    • Seek professional help when Depression Counselling is needed

    Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. Many famous people have talked openly about their struggles with it. They show that depression can be overcome with proper treatment.

    Depression Counselling along with various psychological treatment methods can help you recover from depression and live a full, happy, productive life.

    Our psychologists use proven methods to help you. They combine different evidence-based approaches, depending on your needs. Sometimes, they also recommend medication, which will be reviewed and then prescribed by your medical practitioner.

    Don’t suffer alone, contact us today and let us help you.

    For more information about Depression Counselling and Depression: See also: Wikipedia: Depression

    Feeling anxious or very stressed as well as, or instead of, depressed? See also: Anxiety Counselling