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    People Psychology Melbourne CBD is situated in the Melbourne CBD (City Business District). We’re a short walk from Flinders Street Station and trams travel along Collins Street with tram stops close to our office at Level 32, 367 Collins Street (Optus Centre), Melbourne VIC 3000. We also have offices in Brighton, Toorak, Double Bay, NSW and via telehealth Australia-wide.

    Self-esteem and confidence relate to how we value, feel and think about ourselves. Feeling good about yourself is an essential part of your psychological wellbeing.

    Many people at different points in their life experience low self-esteem and confidence. Adolescence is a particularly crucial period in which we can form negative opinions of ourselves.

    We may also develop low self-esteem during times of great stress or times of failure and when things have not gone according to plan. It is important to remember that these judgments we make about ourselves are opinions and not facts.

    Signs that you may have low self-esteem include:

    • Feeling depressed, guilty and ashamed
    • Experiencing doubt and lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities
    • Frequently self-criticising, blaming and putting yourself down, even if there is evidence to the contrary
    • Avoiding challenges, opportunities and social interactions due to fear of failure
    • Having a pessimistic view on life, being highly self-conscious and sensitive towards criticism

    Counselling will focus on uncovering the areas in which your negative feelings have developed and the emotions associated with these negative feelings leading to low self-esteem.

    In uncovering the source of the problem, your People Psychology psychologist will help you to understand why you feel the way you do, and assist you to take the necessary steps in forming a positive view and belief of yourself, allowing you to move forward in life to become the person you want to be.

    Overcome your low self-esteem and make a counselling appointment today.